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On aging and epiphanies

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Jan. 19th, 2010 | 01:44 am
mood: jubilantjubilant

I'm...an hour and a half into my birthday.  Depending on how you look at it.  If you want to be SUPER technical, I still have 6.5 hours until my birth 28 years ago.  But according to popular mythology, even though my birthday isn't yet occurring in my time zone of birth, the calendar has clicked over here in my current residence.

 Indeed! And it's already been awesome.

In one of my classic moves of katie-overachievement I decided to cook a gumbo.  And while I was at it, another dish to accompany it for Veggies/non-spicey eaters.  And I decided to do it after a full day of work, an audition, and the purchasing of wine and all the groceries for completion.  So it could be done before my actual birthday dinner which I've invited an unknown number of people.  5? 10? 20?  We'll find out. Not to mention doling out friendly advice to my wine store employees.  Type A?  Who me??

And in my overextended universe, I am so joyful.  My birthday started this weekend with Sushi and the gift of a very expensive scotch.  Which I am now sipping.  It seems appropriate as it is aged and celebratory, though it is not quite my age (NOTE TO SELF: buy 30 year old SOMETHING to drink on my 30th Birthday....and buy it now as it will be cheaper?)

While running about during a rather frazzling busy work day, drinking water and inhaling zinc as an attempt to beat a sneaking suspicion of a cold, a man entered with a bag.  The bartender signed for it and brought it over to me.  It was a beautiful boquet of flowers from my parents.  So now I'm embarrassed AND spoiled rotten!

Then, at 11:55pm my buzzer buzzed, and when I answered it, there were shouts of HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Allowing them through the door resulted in an entrance of 2 fabulouso co-workers, sporting a slice of cake and a lit candle.  Now THAT is the way to start a birthday!  This was followed shortly by a phone call from my mother, wishing me a happy birthday as well. 

Already people are using the bits and bytes of the internets to wish me joy and happiness on this, my birthday.  And sometimes, I feel so lonely in this big ol city.  And I question what I'm doing.  

So I must remember when those times strike that people love me!  They are happy to have me in their life and make me feel special for it.  I've filled my world with some pretty wonderful people.  Yay for birthday joy!

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Sheep with a guitar

(no subject)

from: sbp
date: Jan. 19th, 2010 11:27 am (UTC)

Woo! Happy birthday dude!

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